Village Beginnings and First Settlers

Tupper Lake was founded in 1844. As a result of the Revolutionary War, settlers moved up North to find a more simplistic lifestyle sustained on hunting and fishing without the dangers of the War. As hunters, fisherman, and trappers found their way into the village, an economy slowly emerged which created growth throughout the village. At the time, the area was inhabited by Native Americans. However, as the economy grew and more white settlers inhabited the area, the Native Americans were pushed westward. [1]


Economic Foundation

Initially, the village was grown off of the success of the fishing and hunting industries. The area really began to take off when logging was introduced to Tupper Lake, becoming a prominent industry in the 1890s. Pomeroy Lumber Company I known for taking over this industry and giving Tupper Lake a massive economic boost. With the use of the Raquette River, the lumber company was able to transport lumber more efficiently than ever before.[1]


History of the Area Before Settlement

The area that is now known as Tupper Lake had been inhabited by a Native American community until the village was founded. However, not much is known about the community. [1]


Governing Body

Tupper Lake is governed by the village board. The board is made up of representatives elected by the village residents and they serve 2-year terms. Representatives congregate each Month and make up the entirety of the governing body of the Village.[1]


Job Opportunity, Employers, and Demographic

The economy is heavily dependent on logging, but fishing, hunting, and even farming also facto into the Tupper lake economy. Small private businesses including real estate and asset management do their part in dominating the industry. However, the largest employer is probably the logging companies. The median income of Tupper Lake residents is $45,000. After a second economic boom in 1922, the small village has remained relatively the same demographically, with its center focus on its people. [1]



Currently, with a population around 4,000 residents, the size of the village actually hasn’t changed too much overtime. For as long as records show, the population hasn’t seen change except for a gradual decline in recent years.[1]


Annual Events / Traditions

The Tupper Lake Warrior Run is a four mile obstacle race though tough muddy conditions and is unique to the area. Another event that takes place is the Fire & Ice festival. This festival aims at highlighting all the fantastic things that come with winter in the Adirondacks. From winter golf to snow mobile runs, the festival provides a sense of originality only natives to the North Country can truly relate to.[1]

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