When was the village settled? How old is the village?

Lake Placid was founded in early 19th century by 1840 the population of North Elba was only four families, but became a village in 1900.[i] (117 years old)



Why was the village settled?

In 1845, Gerrit Smith came to North Elba and bought a huge majority of the land surrounding North Elba and used it as a place for free slave to come and use the land. Once word got out of Smiths reforms a man named John Brown left Kansas and bough 244 acres of land in the North Country near Lake Placid which soon got the name “Freed Slave Utopian Experiment”.[i] Furthermore, many wealthy American were mesmerized by the luxurious Lake Placid Club which was founded in 1895.[ii] Also, around lake placid were many iron mines which brought people from all over looking for work. Finally, in 1900 Lake Placid became an incorporated village.


Who or what group is given credit for settling the village?

Gerrit Smith and John Brown are two of the main reasons why Lake Placid was put on the map. There work with freed slaves after the Civil War and giving them land to work on helped bring more and more people from across America to Lake Placid, New York. John Brown used his farming knowledge to help those who were looking to create communities in the North Country.[i]




Location of Lake Placid in New York State.

Was the village founded as a result of industry?

As I mentioned earlier Mining was very big around Lake placid. Lyon Mountain produced the world’s highest grade iron for a century.[i]



What was there before the village?

Before Lake Placid was founded it was just part of the outskirts of the town of North Elba. Then became land owned by John Brown, which he turned into the “Freed Slave Utopia.”[i]



How is the village governed?

The village of Lake Placid is governed by a Mayor Council form of government. It includes an elected mayor and legislative body, often known as a city council. They work together to balance and pass budgets, oversee city departments and appoint department heads, as well as daft and enforce village laws.[i]



What kinds of jobs are available in the village?

Many of the jobs are offered by Whiteface mountain, the hospitality industry, along with Adirondack Health the local health care provider. With Lake Placid being a tourist attraction with Whiteface, Whiteface always needs lodge staff along with lift operators, ski patrol, ski & snowboard instructors and outdoor guide and instructors in the off season.[i] This creates a demand for workers at the local hotels through all the attraction of Whiteface.



What is the current population? How has that changed over time?

   As of the 2014 consensus the population of Lake Placid is 2,465 people.[i] Before John Brown and Gerrit Smith arrived in North Elba, the population was only 6 families.[ii] As time went on the rate of growth in population began to shoot up with the Freed Slave Utopia, and constantly grew if the growth in attraction of Whiteface Mountain and turned into a tourist destination.


What are the annual events that take place in the village?

Every year Lake Placid has three annual events, the Empire State Winter Games in February, the I Love New York Horseshows in late June and the Ironman Challenge in July. The Empire State Winter Games is an “annual multi-day sport event that brings together athletes from across New York state and beyond to compete in 31 winter sports events.”[i] The Ironman Challenge is “the longest-running American event aside from the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. It is also one of the most challenging Ironman courses with its famous Adirondack climbs. Athletes begin with a two-loop swim in clear Mirror Lake, with the famous sight line at the bottom of the lake to guide them. Transitioning in the Olympic Speed Skating Oval to the bike, the rolling mountain views provide a scenic backdrop to the ride. Two loops of 56 miles bring competitors back to the Oval once again, where they begin their 26.2-mile run through the town and around the lake.[ii] The I Love New York Horse Shows “features the nation’s best horses and riders competing in four show rings. It is one of the nation’s most premier hunter-jumping horse shows.”[iii]


What are the largest employers?

The largest employer in Lake Placid is the Hospitality Industry. Because Lake Placid draws large amounts of tourism creating a flourishing Hospitality Industry.

In what way has the demographic of the village changed from its founding to now?

Lake Placid has always been mainly a white demographic. However, when Lake Placid was first established there was a larger black presence with the recent abolishment of slavery and growth of the Freed Slave Utopia Experiment. In the 2010 consensus, Lake Placid is 94.8% white, 1.7% Asian, Hispanic 1.3%, Black .8%.[i]



What is the median income of its residents?

The median income as of 2015 was $52,120. Compared to $28,239 in 2000.[i]




Map of the Village of Lake Placid.

What is the village claim to fame in terms of the history of work?

The village of Lake Placid’s claim to fame in terms of work is how well they could run two Olympic Games. The 1980’s might have been one of the most well known Olympics out there. With that it has resulted in a flourishing Lake Placid. With having all the rich history of previous Games many people from all around the world come to experience the history, creating hundreds of jobs for people around Lake Placid.

What is the village claim to fame in general?

Lake Placid for being such a small village has a big name. Lake Placid is only one of 3 other places that has had the amazing privilege of hosting not only one Winter Olympic Games but 2.[i] The first Winter Games was in 1932 then they hosted it again in 1980.




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